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Ancient Practice of Divination training

Tree of life

Divination has been regarded and sought after through the ages. Shamans, mystics, oracles… were always looked to in all matters for a response from the Gods. All cultures, if you look back far enough, regarded the ones that could divine, to be of the divine. They literally spoke for the Goddesses and Gods. A gift bestowed upon some and used in many ways and layers. There are many different tools diviners have come to use from bones, to shells, animal parts, cards, stones, mirrors, water… Different cultures can still be found using the same tools of old and in fact still connecting to the Goddess and Gods of old!

In this training you will look to establish a connection, a line of communication with spirit… To connect with your guides and the Deities that come to you. Having a “tool” for them to speak through is what this is all about. To speak to spirit is to court them- humbly, respectfully and willingly. This takes a bit of practice, as you must learn how to speak to them. What do they love? What do they want to be fed, what offerings to make to them… As the courtship developes, so will your ability to connect to them.

The benefit of learning to listen to Spirit is you move out of your thinking mind, into a deeper space of trust. Having a tool, which you will activate, gives you answers that you can’t easily misinterpret or talk yourself out of… The rational mind is really good at this. Divination helps you learn to bypass that part of your mind; the self doubt and confusion. And again welcome in trust! You remember how to believe the energy you receive.

This training is great for personal use or for those that work with others. We will go over holding sacred space and how to keep yourself spiritually protected!


* you will choose a diving tool that is connected to your ancestry or one that deeply resonates with you for reasons you understand.

* Activate your tool in the group and outside of it.

* Learn some of the ways divination happens and how to begin to court your tools

* Practice using your tools in the class and together outside of class (you will meet with someone from your group via video and divine for one another)

* Look at what may be blocking you from trusting spirit. Limiting beliefs, karmic stories, ancestral pains…

* Clear as much energy as possible to create a clean connection with spirit and keep your vessel protected

5 week online zoom class

2 hours, once a week

beginning May 2019

Day & time tbd

*Cost of the training is $911.00, with a non refundable deposit of $200 to hold your space.

*This training is perfectly coupled with the third eye activation class


anais szabo

I have a strong ability of spiritual sight


I have come to learn to use all my gifts when working with groups and clients.

Not only do I hold a secure energy for the group, I also call in my guides and ancestors to always be present. I will help you not only connect to your higher self, but to your guides as well.

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