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Activate Your Third Eye

Awaken & Activate your third eye class


We all incarnate with a heightened spiritual gift… Perhaps you just know things, maybe you can sense and feel energy, some can hear spirit. Being able to spiritually “see” has to do with a clear and open third eye, your sixth chakra. There are reasons some spiritual gifts seem farther from you and that energy can be cleared. In this class we will transform the residue that may be hindering you and welcome in fresh awareness and healing. Thus enabling a deeper, conscious use of your third eye, especially in relation to your other gifts.

When you learn something while incarnate the energy becomes part of your consciousness and its just a matter of remembering… This takes work on your part; a desire and tenacity to keep excavating painful unconscious energy, for these stories must first come into your awareness, then we can shift them. This takes courage and yet your gifts bubbles up all the time... calling you to tap into what is already in you… Sound familiar? It can feel challenging and that is why this work is truly in alignment with your soul. We come here as spirits to learn and evolve; this happens, for those on a spiritual journey, when you truly dig in and practice your personal magic.

This class/ training is one designed to conjure alchemy and as you learn to play with the forces, you learn who you are. The illusion can be bypassed and a spiritual reality Lived! You will be able to tap into your own divinity and See where your gifts can grow and potentially help others. For we need one another; we need community who can witness and hold us as we explore and dissect our spiritual anatomy. We pull it apart to put it back together- to ReMember.


* We will go over the different gifts most people have and you will identify your strongest natural gift and actively use it the rest of the class

* Learn the difference between Journeying and visioning and practice both

* You will meet a specific spirit soul guide who will  help you as we move through the class

* Look at what is in your third eye space, what may be blocking you from utilizing this gift… Trauma, karmic energy, family stories, curses… And we will clear the energy… to give you the chance to step deeper into your energy. You will be calling on your guide to aid in this process.

* Work the chakra system to help realign

* Begin to look at how this flows into divination

Beginning End of February 2019

This is a 7 week class

2 hours a week live via zoom video

Day & Time TBD

* We will have a private facebook group where we can stay engaged and you can ask questions and share with each other. Anais will be active on the group to answer questions.

* You will have access to classes and visualizations that Anais guides during the class.

*You will receive an audio recording upon signing up, where Anais guides you through running your energy to use for your daily practice

* The cost of this training is $913.

When paid in full at registration welcome total is $813

We have a couple payment plans if needed

This class was designed to perfectly couple with the Ancient Practice of Divining Training. When you register for both there is a discounted offering of $1626, a savings of $200.

Full payment at registration welcome for both total is $1526 ( receive extra 100 off )

I am Anais Szabo and I will guide you on this journey of self discovery

anais szabo

I have a strong ability of spiritual sight


I have come to learn to use all my gifts when working with groups and clients.

Not only do I hold a secure energy for the group, I also call in my guides and ancestors to always be present. I will help you not only connect to your higher self, but to your guides as well.

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