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Fae Weekend


The Fae are powerful ancient beings that have become woven into mythology, into folklore and in many places they are still very much believed in. I have had a close, personal relationship with a group of Fae since I was a young girl and as of late they have stepped in much stronger. They stand fierce, poised and speak to me involving all the work I do. They are choosing to speak out and have many teachings to share. They have always shared with me how I have Fae blood as do others. The lineage I come from is connected to my ancestry and it has been this way with most people until now. Now they move with lightening, searching for particular folks... We are very blessed they are choosing Now to come through in such a way, as they tell me -Now is whats important. 

They are calling a circle to gather... we will share, they will share and in the open allowing of energy what is intended to grow will be fed! All are welcome, some will feel a pull, others a whiff of memory. Follow energy and feel if they call you. 

"Here you will sit at the pool of fresh water we love and watch as bubbles of remembrance rise and fall. The language of eternity has sounds we have long been forgotten... yet you will recognize the shell, your tongue will move with the breath of dragons... "                                    ~This is what they say

We will meet online via zoom Saturday August 3 and Sunday August 4, for 2.5 hours each day. Time TBD

The cost for the weekend is $397.  A non- refundable deposit of $151 will due be upon welcome, with remaining $246 due prior to start date. 

I look forward to holding this space and to see how they grow the vision! 

Abundant love and blessings


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