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Your Purpose and Medicine - Deeper Soul Layers

And the journey continues...

This class is for people who have done the purpose and medicine 1 class or who feel appropriate for the work. Through these series of classes I have watched people come raw, vulnerable and truly show up to do their healing work. It’s exciting to take the work even deeper as there is much to share and so much healing for us to collectively engage and spread out.

Spirit has been speaking to me of taking purpose deeper since the first purpose and medicine class and now we are ready to share. The energy continues to grow and deepen with every offering I make at the request of spirit and I want to thank you all for feeling the call. It’s in the determination to show up again and again that we can clear and grow enough for spirit to take notice. A teacher of mine once said that spirit watches us as we stand on a beach with a pail attempting to help scoop water from the ocean… eventually they see our stubbornness and take notice. I’m paraphrasing and the metaphor is powerful. Nothing is just given to us, we have to want it, commit to ourselves and to our inner work. You as a soul you are here to learn and the lessons may be intense and difficult. Having community to help support your journey brings forth added courage to chisel away at what blocks you from truly being you. For you to flower in all the glory that You are!

Deeper soul levels are layers of you; ancestral, karmic… We will pray and move towards seeing unconscious parts and hope to make them conscious. As energy moves and changes form, you become less attached to stories that once dictated parts of who you are. We will encourage energy to build and climax, to than express itself out, becoming again raw vital energy. Leaving you more open and able to receive healing and to explore your healing abilities and your deeper soul purposes.

- Some energies we will go into -

* Chakra Work - Clearing fears and blocks

* Connecting with Guides

* Karmic Clearings, DNA activation

* Divination and tools

* Always, Ancestral work

… and that space I hold for spirit to bring what they bring …

Begin end of October,  7 week zoom class

Day and time tbd - we can do a poll

Cost $811.00

I have started a scholarship fund for classes and rituals and if you feel called to to donate, wonderful.

I have attended two classes with Anais this year. First, it was a Purpose class and then a two-part class about Spiritual Protection. Both classes have exceeded my rather high expectations. Anais has a fantastic way of creating a safe environment and holding space for everyone in the classes. It’s been fun and very interesting to attend the video calls and on the rare occasions that I have had to miss a meeting, I have felt really sad about it.

I have learned so much about Spirit and myself from the classes. I’m struggling to find words to explain how I have changed thanks to Anais and the other participants in the classes. Not only am I becoming more true to myself but I have also made friends for life. The second part of the protection class was a gathering in Buckhorn Springs, Oregon. The video classes have been a wonderful blessing, but seeing Anais and my other friends in real life truly added to the experience! We made ritual, talked about everything, created medicine pouches, walked in nature and truly got to know each other. We laughed and we cried together.

I live in Sweden, so coming to the American West Coast for the gathering was quite a long way to travel. It was definitely worth it, though, and I will do it again sometime if the opportunity comes. My spiritual journey has just begun and I still have so much to learn and experience! Anais is a great teacher and a wonderful friend. I consider myself so lucky to know her and have the chance to be guided by her.
— Daniel Franzen, Sweden
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