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Awakening the Goddess seed within



We all carry a beautiful, delicate blooming piece of the Goddess within us and if you feel into this potentially hidden place you may hear Her tender yet floured guidance calling you to her teachings. Teachings that want to awaken a laden part of your soul. Her voice is rich with fragrant roses that gleam of star shine. She is never gone, nor truly forgotten, for even if Her presence appears to have gone deep into caves, She is here with us and She has memories that long to awaken in You. She calls for a gathering of women, a place where we hold hands and step deep into the Sacred feminine, deep into the waters of who you are and how you share your medicine- as a woman! 

There are human behaviors that have become very prevalent in modern times, especially amongst women. The Goddess, She spoke to me of how these must be alchemically rectified in each woman, for to show up, truly show up, such petty destructive energies can not have a home in you. As we churn and aerate dense energy, we create space that is rich and can grow our beings. We can look at where we experience the heavy oppression and attempted demise of the Sacred Feminine with this created space, which you can begin to witness from a more neutral energy. Neutral energy is ready for new solutions and to welcome neutrality you must have the energetic space... Hence we do the work to clear old patterning. Love is truly needed to look deep into your shadow self and call out the energies you have been utilizing. Its when we you are courageous enough to admit to these that you can begin to change and spiritually grow. 

We will bask in the fertile blood of sisterhood and pray to our wild untamable twin souls, that remain close and yet out of reach. We pray She accepts our offerings and helps us to shed. We have been tamed, as part of the deep enslavement of the Goddess. We have been hobbled and fed lies laced with true malicious intent. And yet, here we are. Broken and not broken, strong, commanding, deliverers of life- women. Come and sit around a fire we will tend as did our grandmothers of old. Together, guided by ancestral constellations and love. 


We will gather once a week for 7 weeks, online via zoom. 2 hour classes

Begins October 2018. Date and time TBD

Some energies we will explore- 

* Different energetic imprints that may be effecting you- religious, ancestral, karmic...

* We will connect with the Goddess as a group in divination

* Explore some of your shadows and ritualize them 

* Connect to guides to help you along this journey

And more...

The cost $811.00 and there is a $300 non- refundable deposit to hold your space. 

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