Golden starry temple mystery school application

Love and Blessings and thank you for your interest in the school. Here we have a set of questions that begin the process, please answer honestly and to the best of your ability. If your energy feels in alignment for the next phase,  a 15 min phone interview with Anais will follow. Be blessed! 


1. How did you learn about Golden Starry Temple mystery school? 

2. Have you worked with spiritual teachers? Have you committed to any ongoing spiritual work?

3. Do you have experience with ritual or ceremony?

4. What called you to work with Anais and her school?

5. Can you show up open, respectful and holding a deep reverence for spirit? And the others in the group?

6. A big part of this work is allowing spirit to guide, with that, Anais flows with the guidance she receives. This is entering the mystery, do you feel open to entering this space?

7. Is mental illness something you deal with or have experienced? Have you taken western medication or been institutionalized? 

8. Do you struggle with any addictions that may inhibit your ability to fully show up for the work?

9. Do you feel ready to step into yourself in a deep way? Can you commit to your personal spiritual healing and growth and to work your uncomfortable energetic blocks? 

10. Can you create the time required for yourself to fully participate in this work? And do you feel a call to rewild yourself...?

11. Committing to Golden Starry Temple means you commit to the financial obligation, whether or not you attend each class or ritual gathering. There is a $500 USD, non- refundable deposit that goes toward to tuition of $4711.00. Do you have the financial means to commit to this? We have a couple payment plans available to make the tuition more feasible, is this something you are interested in? 

Is there anything else you would like to share that may impact your ability to participate?

ADD liability check box :)